YOYOSISTER’s new product UB9052E is officially launched, this two wheeled cargo bike is the latest research of our design team.

Two sets of 14.5Ah batteries can provide more range for the bike, and the built-in power converter allows the two sets of batteries to be switched between each other.
The two wheeled electric cargo bike UB9052E also has a wide range of features. Once rolled out, this uniquely designed cargo bike will be a hit with the market; the short, compact body is better suited for riding on narrow roads. The redesigned parking rack facilitates better parking and the new integrated wheels are more aesthetically pleasing, in line with the aesthetics of the whole bike.
Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide the best braking function.
When will you use this electric cargo bike? When you are single, you can use it as a means of transportation to work, strengthen your body, green low-carbon environmental protection travel, save gasoline and protect the environment; when you have children, you can transport your children to school, the front wooden box with cushion and three-point seat belt, providing the best protection for your family.
If you have a lovely pet, you can also bring them and traveling with you.
This cargo bike is the result of the designer's 8 years of experience in bike design and continuous improvements and upgrades from market research. Only when you see the real bike, you can feel the visual impact and meticulous details.
The 250W Bafang mid-motor meets EU sales regulations and provides the most stable power output, sufficient for daily use. Matching equipment like LCD display etc. are used by Bafang
The unique sport style handlebars bring you a better riding experience.
Continuously tracks your ride when you are riding. The LCD display provides instant speed, distance traveled, and battery power remaining. You can also increase or decrease the power assist.


Post time: Jun-23-2022
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