The HangZhou Ta fair in July,2022, where our cargo bikes have caught visitors’eyes.

This is Ningbo Nanyang Vehicle CO. Ltd, which is located in No.8 Huapeng Road, Kandun Street,Cixi City, Zhejiang, China. We are a big manufacturer of cargo bikes and tricycles in China, with more than 20 years experience in producing bikes and tricycles. We attended the HangZhou Ta fair in July,2022, where our cargo bikes have caught visitors’eyes. A great number of pet-lovers and pet shopkeepers have shown great interest in our bikes.During the 3-day show, Nearly 100 pcs stock models were all sold out, After the show, many dealers keep contacting with us to show their intention to resell the bikes,which was really unexpected.

Electric Cargo Bike Three Wheel Cargo Tricycle Ebike

Here I would like to simply introduce the brand story to all of u : the idea came from our brand founder. One day, an interesting idea occurred to him: How could we ride with our pet friends together, just like with our family members ? Probabaly we can design a special model for pets? Yes!  Then we designed the bikes and produced out, also upgraded it for times with the discussion of many dealers at home and abroad.As a result, our new model UB9035L is shown now ,with new brand YOYO SISTER, which means love ,growth and Accompany. All the bikes are produced by experienced workers in our factory in CiXi, from preparing raw material ,welding,painting to assembling. Each production step is strictly inspected to make sure its quality and safety. According to the feedback from HangZhou Ta Fair,We have upgareded the models again with some available suggestions from pet-lovers.

In the following month, we will attend the 21th Asia Pet Fair to be held in ShenZheng from 31th Aug-3rd Sept,2022, which is the biggest pet fair with famous brands and fresh products in global. We have faith our brand YOYO SISTER and cargo bikes will be the spotlight at the show ! Hope every pet can own a cool bike!

Post time: Aug-10-2022
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