EURO BIKE SHOW in FrankFurt Germany for cargo bikes and tricycles

This is Ningbo Nanyang Vehicle CO. Ltd, which is located in No.8 Huapeng Road, Kandun Street,Cixi City, Zhejiang, China. We are a big manufacturer of cargo bikes and tricycles in China, with more than 20 years experience to export cargo bikes to EU market like DK, Sweden,Gernamy and Nertherlands ,also to USA ,Canada, Australia etc.

During 13th July to 17th July,we attended EURO BIKE SHOW in FrankFurt Germany, with our classic models as well as fresh models desiged with one body wheels and different front box. We also came with oringinal Clamber and new brand YOYO SISTER , a brand comes from a family love stroy,standing for love,growth and accompany .Because of COVID-19, the show has been delayed for two years. During the show, a great number of dealers gathered at our booth , showing great interest in our new bikes.


Here I would like to introuduce some new models to all of u.

UB9050E , a classic three-wheel cargo bike model with front curved wooden box and one-body wheel.With attractive design ,it will be increasingly pop in EU market with better quality and reasonable price.


UB9052E, a two -wheel cargo bike model upgraded from the sports style model cheetah-E. This model can be equipped with two batteries,so as to meet riders’needs of long-distance riding.

 3UB9053E, a two-wheel cargo bike model with front EPP box. This EPP material is much more lighter than wood, so riders will have a much more relaxing riding experience.Also, the bottom plate is with transport acrylic and ambient lights, which will give u a fantastic feeling you never get from other models.


After the Euro Bike Show, many dealers keep contacting with us to show their intention to resell the bikes.

Now some models are being upgraded in

specification with the available suggestions from dealers. We have faith our cargo bikes will be in voguein the EU market!

Post time: Aug-10-2022
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