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yoyo sister story

Steven, who born in 1981, is the founder of yoyosister His parents started their bicycle business in 1989. As business family, they are always busy with work, have little accompany to their kid. Steven can always understand the difficulties of their parents, but still expect the accompany of his parents from his heart.

When Steven became an adult, he inherited the bicycle industry from his parents. In 2003, he innovated and developed the cargo bike. He believed that the cargo bike is a kind of umbilical cord of life, which can carry our beloved her (it) to the place we want to go, to see the scenery you want to see.

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In 2015, he had two daughters. From the moment the children was born, Steven decided that even if the work is busy and hard, he will never let his daughters be the same as when he was a child, have the love of parents but lack the accompany. Career and accompany is compatible, expressing his love for children, life and work by action.

Children are naturally active, like to see the natural scenery, like to explore, like to go shopping, like to go picnic, like to go to school, they like to have their parents accompany at these favorite moments!


In 2021, in order to promote the concept of green travel, parents accompany their children to grow up, the European brand yoyo sister was promoted with two daughters as the prototype. The cargo bike is no longer just a convenient transportation tool for life, but the emotional sustenance of caring for our children and loving life. Implement these concepts into our products, study the safety of the bike to protect the children, study the aesthetics to suit the young parents’ pursuit of fashion.

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Core advocacy: delve into the safest and fashionable cargo bikes, accompany the most precious children to grow up, and give back to you who love life most.

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